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POLICY ON Settling Children into our Centre


Children are loved, respected and are recognised as individuals at Midcity. Therefore settling in strategies are modified to accommodate individual needs.


  • Through discussions with the parents/caregivers, teachers will learn of each child’s individual needs and routines prior to their starting date. It is our aim to keep familiar routines. e.g. a dummy for sleeping, to make the transition as smooth as possible.
  • Parents will be provided with a form which includes questions regarding their child’s likes, dislikes, fears, languages spoken, and previous preschool experience. Parents will be encouraged to complete this in order for staff to become familiar with the child’s interests/needs prior to their start date.
  • Parents/Caregivers will be encouraged to bring their child in before their starting date, to take part in a transition process.
  • In partnership with parents, each child will be eased into the centre’s daily routines, at a rate, at which they can manage.
  • Parents/Caregivers will be encouraged to ring to discuss how their child is settling in. They are also encouraged to visit whenever they want to.
  • All of the above will be done in full consultation with Parents / Caregivers; we recognise that they know their child best.