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POLICY ON sleep monitoring


Each child is unique and comes with their own sleeping routine.


To ensure teachers follow individual children’s rhythms and sleeping routines in a relaxed and familiar environment.


  • Adequate space is provided between children’s beds to ensure safety and hygiene.
  • All children are provided with their own individual sleeping space and bed linen.
  • Sleep spaces are positive and peaceful to ensure undisturbed rest and follow tikanga protocols.
  • Teachers are relaxed and unhurried in preparing children for sleep, and flexible to children’s individual routines.
  • Children’s individual sleep routines will be followed. In the Toddlers & Kindy, structured sleep/rest times are provided.
  • Staff/child ratio are maintained while children are sleeping.
  • Parents/caregivers are encouraged to bring anything special that may help their child to settle into sleep.

Procedure for Monitoring Sleeping Children

  • An assigned teacher will ensure children are checked for warmth, breathing, and general well-being every ten minutes.
  • They record the times each child went to sleep and woke up on the Sleep Chart.
  • At no time will children have access to food or liquids while in bed in accordance with the Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008.
  • A Baby Monitor will be turned on throughout the day in both the Infants and Toddler sleep rooms.