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Policy on Centre Concerns


We ensure parents/caregivers and staff have key information about the Centre’s operations and know how to make a complaint if they need to.


It is important that parents and visitors to the Centre know about Midcity Childcare, which members of staff are entitled to be ‘Persons Responsible,’ how complaints can be made and where and when they can get access to the Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations and Licensing Criteria (2008).

It is important that parents/caregivers and staff know that their issues and concerns will be listened to and acted on in a timely manner through a formal complaints procedure.


1. Access to Information

  • Our current certificate of licence is displayed prominently at the entrance to our Centre.
  • A list of the full names of qualified staff is displayed next to our certificate of licence, naming their qualifications and role in the centre. Below it is the wording: ‘Any parent who wishes to make a complaint should contact the Manager by phoning 839 6889 or by leaving a message with a Team Leader.’
  • A hard copy of the Regulations and Licensing Criteria is always available in the entrance of the Centre for parents/caregivers to read.
  • We will inform parents/caregivers and visitors of any changes to the information via email or newsletters.
  • We use notices at the door, newsletters, emails, Storypark, texts and our website to keep parents informed.

2. Parental Complaints

  • Parents/caregivers may make a complaint about any aspect of our service or the conduct of a staff member.
  • All parents/caregivers making a complaint will be carefully listened to and told how the complaint will be responded to. All complainants will be told what actions, if any, will be taken in response to the complaint.
  • Parents/caregivers will be encouraged to speak first to the person concerned or the teacher responsible for their child. If this is inappropriate or the issue cannot be satisfactorily resolved, the parent/caregiver may speak to the Centre Manager. If this does not resolve the issue, the matter should be put in writing and taken to the Licensee. The complaint will be acknowledged within 3 days and either a meeting called to discuss it or planned changes to address the complaint will be made.
  • If the complaint cannot be resolved to the parent’s/caregivers satisfaction, the parent /caregiver will be informed of other avenues available e.g. on www.minedu.govt.nz
  • Confidentiality will be maintained throughout the process.
  • Verbal complaints will be recorded in writing and reflected back to the complainant.
  • Responses to all complaints will be in writing. All responses will be the responsibility of the Manager.
  • The Manager will maintain a record of the complaint and any responses to it.

3. Staff Complaints

  • If staff have a complaint about a procedure or another staff member or a parent:
  • the staff member will first attempt to resolve the issue directly with another staff member if that is the issue.
  • Otherwise, all complaints should be made to the Team Leader or Manager. This can be done verbally and, where possible, resolved in discussion.
  • The Manager will ask the most appropriate person to resolve the complaint, if they are unable to resolve it themselves.
  • Any complaint will be carefully listened to and a considered response given. Where actions are to be taken, the staff member will be informed of what actions are to be taken, and when they have been taken.
  • For serious issues, a staff member will put the matter in writing and will receive a written response within a week.
  • All complaints will be documented by the Manager.
  • If the staff member is not satisfied with the outcome, they will be informed of avenues for further action.