The following are excerpt from our most recent ERO report. For a copy of the full report, click the download button below.

"Relationships among children, teachers and parents are positive, reciprocal and highly respectful. The service offers a friendly, family-like culture where people are greeted, welcomed and included in the life of the centre. Children settle quickly to explore and play in an attractive, well-equipped environment that provides a wide variety of activities and experiences."

" Children aged up to two years receive nurturing and responsive care-giving in a separate area where there is a high teacher to child ratio. The programme is designed to reflect children's individual home routines. Babies and toddlers develop positive attachments with teachers that enable them to settle and play happily."

" Managers and leaders are experienced and highly committed to the vision and philosophy of the service. They work together to sustain a strongly collaborative service where children's best interest guides all decisions. Managers are focused on continuing improvement and recognise the importance of providing increased opportunities for leaders and teachers to take on leadership and areas of responsibility. Managers value professional development and ongoing self review for its influence on the professional knowledge and competency of the staff team."

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